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Jean Fit Guide

We make jeans for guys that want to have children. It's important to us that your balls can breathe so the human race can continue and prosper. 

What most people don't know about our jeans is that our Ross Fit (Skinny Taper) to Aaron Fit (Tailored) fit the same from the waist down to the thigh. They fit comfortably and not tight. The difference is only in how the leg tapers. See heat map above. 

Our Collins and Xavier fits are for the OG's that need that extra room to breathe. 

And not everyone wants children, so the Martins satisfy that crowd (shorter rise, slimmer waist to thigh). If you dig any of our Martin fits styles but want children or your middle name is Quadzilla, we recommend you size up. 

And then we got stacks in our Sean, Ross and Martin fits. These have extra long inseams with a flared leg opening to give the "stacked" look.

We love making denim that makes you look your best.

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Unsure of what's your jean size? See video below:

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